Kernville, CA – During a January 22-24, Plateau Roads Hazard Tree Project inventory, Kern River Ranger District’s Assistant Recreation Officer Bob Frenes, Battalion Chief Erick D’Amico and Regional Assistant Silviculturist Ramiro Rojas, aided visitors stranded on Sherman Pass Road.

According to Frenes, the team drove up Sherman Pass Road to the snowline, then swapped to snowmobiles for the hazard tree inventory. At about the 7000’ elevation, they came upon motorists trapped in the snow. The visitors had spent a cold night in their jeep and were attempting to hike down the road. Forest staff contacted Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, who provided deputies to assist the visitors and recover their vehicle.

Reminder – While traveling in the Forest during the winter season, motorists should be prepared to encounter a wide range of road and weather conditions. Forest system roads are not maintained for winter travel, and most of the Sequoia National Forest has little to no cell coverage.

Every vehicle should be equipped with a roadside emergency kit that contains basic supplies such as jumper cables, a jack, and snow chains. Add a flashlight, shovel, hat, gloves, and a scarf to your kit, and consider keeping a warm blanket to use if stuck in a vehicle without power.

Know Before You Go — Pay attention to weather forecasts. Winter storms in high elevations can become severe quickly, so stay tuned to weather forecasts when planning your trip.

Contact the Kern River Ranger District Office at 760-376-3781 for current road conditions.

Forest Service Photo: Tulare County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Adams assisting a stranded motorist on Sherman Pass Road.