Lake Isabella, CA – Kern County Sheriff deputies and Kern County firefighters were dispatched to the Keysville area of the Kern River for a report of two subjects in the water, on June 22nd at about 10:40 am.

They were reported to be a teenage male and a young girl. The teenage male made it out of the river safely, but the 11-year-old girl was swept downstream. KCSO KCFD and KVSAR initially responded. At this stage, the search is being conducted by KCSO Search and Rescue. The search will continue until dusk and resume again in the morning.

Also missing are the two teenage males from last weekend, and searchers are also looking for them as well.

KCSO Search and Rescue would like to remind the public to use extreme caution when visiting the Kern River. The water is unusually high and fast creating very dangerous conditions for those who are unprepared. Use a life jacket and keep a close eye on loved ones.

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