Bakersfield, CA – Detectives from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, on May 7th, learned that Oscar Raul Maguregui Jr (52) befriended a minor on Instagram, using the username, CALIFASSUN. Through social media messaging and conversation, Oscar Maguregui Jr expressed a desire to engage in sexually explicit acts with the minor.

Detectives contacted Oscar Maguregui Jr on the 6200 block of Norris Road, on May 19th, at approximately 4:20 PM, after he agreed to meet the minor at a prearranged location, specifically to engage in sexually explicit acts with the minor. Oscar Maguregui Jr was arrested and booked into jail for PC 288.4(b), Arranging a Meeting w/Minor for Lewd Purposes and PC 647.6(a)(1), Annoying or Molesting a Child.

The investigation remains open and ongoing. Anyone who has information related to this investigation or has communicated with Oscar Maguregui Jr or the Instagram user CALIFASSUN is encouraged to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office at (661) 861-3110 or Secret Witness at (661) 322-4040.

Parents be warned, a sexual predator can be anyone, a classmate, employer, family friend, acquaintance, or someone you meet on social media. Predators often pretend to be someone they are not by setting up fake social media accounts online to “friend” a minor, and then groom them using a variety of techniques to gain their trust.

These trends highlight the need for parents to openly discuss social media and online safety with their children. Simple things like adjusting privacy settings, limiting personal contact information in your profile and posts, and never give away personal information or your location. Keep private information, private. If youth want to share information with a friend, do it directly.

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