Acres: 44,828 acres (based on infrared flight)
Containment: 8%
Start Date: September 10, 2021
Cause: Lightning
Jurisdiction: Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park
Resources: 1,780 personnel including: 49 crews, 72 engines, 39 water tenders, 32 dozers and 22 helicopters
The KNP Complex in the Sequoia National Park was originally two fires from lightning occurring on September 9th, discovered and reported on the 10th and designated a complex on September 11th. Incident priorities are the protection of life and property in surrounding communities; protection of the Giant Sequoia Groves; and protection of infrastructure within the Sequoia National Park. There was 2780 acres of growth on the fire in the last 24 hours. The majority of that growth was in the Paradise Ridge area where a burning operation took place. The 8% containment includes an area adjacent to Paradise Ridge, the Giant Sequoia Forest and Lodgepole.
Resources continue to be allocated in alignment with incident priorities. CalFire dozers and hand crews have completed line construction on the west side of the fire above Three Rivers and North Fork Road and fire retardant was applied to the edge of the fuel break to increase protection. A firing operation occurred along Mineral King Road south of Paradise Ridge to secure that area. California Army National Guard troops continue working in the northern portion of the fire to protect Park infrastructure. Preparations are being made to apply fire retardant gel to the sequoia trees in the Muir Grove using helicopters if the weather permits. A structure protection group is working in the Hartland area and crews are preparing to defend structures should the fire reach that area.
Today’s weather forecast: High pressure continues to dominate the region today. Winds remain light and terrain driven. Areas where smoke clears will see more active fire behavior in the afternoon. Overnight humidity recovery last night was near zero. Poor humidity recovery and warmer temperatures will lead to drier conditions through the afternoon. A low pressure system is expected Monday which will bring an increase in winds and some clearing of smoke.
Air operations will continue to support ground operations as smoke conditions allow across the entire fire area.
There have been no new evacuation Warnings or Orders for the KNP Complex in the past 24 hours. All evacuation warnings and orders that that have been issued are still active. Areas currently under an evacuation warning are urged to be ready to mobilize and leave should the warning escalate to an evacuation order. Explore a map of the areas under a warning or order at A Red Cross evacuation center is located at the Woodlake Community Center at 145 Magnolia St, Woodlake, CA.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are closed. In addition, the BLM Case Mountain Extensive Recreation Management Area and major portions of the Sequoia National Forest are also closed.
Communities surrounding the park and in the nearby region are being affected by smoke and the resulting poor air quality. Track your local air quality at
Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. IF YOU FLY, WE CAN’T. Every time a drone is spotted near the fire all firefighting aircraft are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of this area. More info visit: