Bakersfield, CA – The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher of the Year for 2018 is Dispatcher Tiffany Mock. Tiffany has been a dispatcher with the department for the past nine years.

During her tenure she has grown into an excellent dispatcher. Tiffany repeatedly demonstrates the ability to make sound decisions and act upon them in situations that pose a risk to public and officer safety.

She focuses her problem solving initiative on all aspects she encounters, and has the ability to tailor the solution rather than use a one size fits all method.

Tiffany is one of our most technically proficient dispatchers, and is well versed in the many programs we utilize in dispatch.

She is also a Certified Training Officer and is acting as a mentor our future dispatchers, ensuring they can share in her knowledge. Tiffany is an asset to both the Communications Division and the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

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